The Teaching Profession in Europe – EURYDICE by Peter Birch

Interview to Peter Birch, held in Barcelona on December 10th within the International Perspectives on Education Conference conducted by Jaume Bofill Foundation: Presentation of the new EURYDICE report “The Teaching Profession in Europe”. #perspectivesbofill #EURYDICECat

Peter Birch is coordinator for education policy and systems analysis in the Eurydice Network at the Executive Agency Education Audiovisual and Culture of the European Commission.

This report focuses on the analysis of the relationship among policies regulating the teaching profession and attitudes, practices and perceptions of the teaching professionals. The report combines qualitative Information from Eurydice network on existing country-based regulations with statistical data from the OECD TALIS 2013 survey and Eurostat/UOE, providing comparative information on 35 European countries.

Both the European Commission and the Council of the European Union stress the need to improve teacher training, professional development and the ethical commitment to education as a common good, as well as increasing the attractiveness of the profession, a further measure in the modernization of education systems in Europe to achieve new demands and social needs.

This study suggests improving professional cooperation and exchange of knowledge and innovative practices among teachers in Europe.

“The Teaching Profession in Europe” provides a large amount of data to analyse a wide range of topics.

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