Naakhum – Molon Labe (Μολὼν Λαβέ)

Molon labe, which means “come and take them” , is a classical expression of defiance. According to Herodotus, during Battle of Thermopylae, there was a moment in which the Persian army demanded that the Greeks surrender their weapons, it was then when King Leonidas replied with his famous expression: Come and take them!.

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Molon Labe is the track nº19 of the album Backward in the Times Part II
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Music: Naakhum
Lyrics written by Nick Papadopoulos

Lyrics (in Greek language)

Bρυχάται η Περσία
Η Ελλάδα ενάντια στην αυτοκρατορία
Αγωνιζονται ενωμένοι
Πρίν πεθάνουν λησμονημένοι

Μολών λαβέ

Πολεμόντας των τόξων τη σκιά
Μες του περάσματος τη μοναξιά
Πολλοί άντρες, λίγοι στρατιώτες
Δειπνούν στου Άδη της πόρτες

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