[English version] Conference “Eco-design for a circular economy”

The talk points out the importance of eco-design when it comes to manufacturing products and materials for food use that have a lower environmental impact, contributing to building a circular food system without losses or waste.

The event features Mariana Eidler, director of the ELISAVA Food Design Lab and co-founder of FORK, The Food Design Organization, and Sofía Garín, an expert in circular design and project manager of the sustainable innovation consultancy “inèdit”.

Watch a concrete part of the conference again:
00:00 → Presentation of the EAT:LIFE project.
06:00 → Presentation by Sofía Garín.
31:32 → Presentation by Mariana Eidler.
55:37 → Q&A and conclusions.

Visit https://eat-life.fundesplai.org website to consult more information about the project.

The EAT:LIFE project has received funds from the Life Programme of the European Union. The contents of this conference are the sole responsibility of Fundesplai and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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