Autocrafting – Nowhere Ep. 12 (Minecraft modpack)

Hoooola minecrafters!
Continuem jugant amb l’applied i anirem descubrint els nous blocs i el seu funcionament fins aconseguir tenir un potent sistema d’autocrafteig. A més possem ordre al pis inferior i fem moltes receptes qeu ens ajudaran a progressar molt més rapid.

Gracies per estar per aqui.

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Discord: pardalsalcap#4939

Informació del pack

You thought you’d be clever and crash the Alchemist Guild’s induction ceremony. You thought you’d impress them and be welcomed.
Turns out you were wrong, but at least they decided to let you try out. So now here you are stuck on a lifeless world with nothing but a book, a magical stone, and a promise of a portal home once you’ve proven yourself.
Time to get crafting.
Nowhere is a relatively lightweight progression pack on a world with no resources: no ores, no plants, no monsters.

Música intro
Locally Sourced by Jason Farnham from

Música outro
Fights by Silent Silent Partner

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