All that matters | Laia Pizà cover

Video per a les proves de selecció de Com Sona l’ESO 2016.

Participant: Laia Pizá Lozano
Institut: IES Gilabert de Centelles, NULES (Castelló)

Cançó: All that matters, del musical “Finding Neverland”. Lletra i música de Gary Barlow i Eliot Kennedy. Versió de Christina Perri.

When I thought that my whole world had ended
The colours have faded to gray
Just when I had given up on hoping
The feelings they rushed back again

There’s a bright light in the sky tonight
Guiding us safely to shore
Not afraid anymore

All that matters now
Is where we go from here
There’s an easier way if we live for today
To find that all we are is all that matters
Is all that matters

Remember all you’ve forgotten
The joy in the simplest of things
Refuse to take life for granted
But you choose to celebrate all that life brings.

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