CAPTIUS A MINECRAFT #24 | DRACARYS | Gameplay en Català

En aquest episodi decidim que ja toca anar a l’END a trobar-nos amb el drac i intentar fer-li una cara nova. Com acabarà l’episodi?

Deixeu als comentaris les vostres opinions sobre tot el que anem parlant, què en penseu vosaltres?

Espero que us agradi i ens seguiu a la nostra aventura setmana rere setmana.

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-== EL MAPA ==-

Captive Minecraft IV Winter Realm

You drop into this untouched snowy forest, with only a nearby spruce tree to help you prepare for your new adventure. Surrounding you is the World Border – an impenetrable wall which prevents you from leaving the block you’re standing on. For each Minecraft achievement you earn, the World Border will increase in size. Just out of your reach are some supply chests filled with everything you need to begin mining downwards into the world.
So if you’re looking for a fun adventure to be had alone or with friends – even if you’re relatively new to Minecraft – then Captive Minecraft: Winter Realm is the map for you. Earn those achievements, make the most of your restricted world, and see if you can finish the game!

Resource pack: Faithfull

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